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Barcelona, October 19, 2007

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 Promoción Peritos Judiciales por la UAB 2006/07



The last weeks of October saw the meetings of: the 11th CLASS OF FORENSIC HANDWRITING ANALYSIS, the 7th CLASS OF GRADUATES IN PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF HANDWRITING, the 1st CLASS OF JUDICIAL ANALYSIS OF PATENTS AND TRADEMARKS, with some of the recent graduates that a few days previously had received their MASTERS IN GRAPHISTICS, GRAPHOPATHOLOGY AND FORENSIC GRAPHOLOGY FROM THE UNIVERSITAT AUTÒNOMA OF BARCELONA in the preliminary exam session, having validated previous studies. They were also joined those graduates that are currently in the process of obtain their qualification having passed the second year in the postgraduate course, half of which will obtain their MASTERS IN DOCUMENT EXAMINATION AND JUDICIAL ANALYSIS OF PATENTS AND TRADE MARKS






On October 19th the graduation ceremony took place, first in the Assembly Room in UAB’s historic building the “Casa de Convalescència” where the Director, Professor Francisco Viñals, opened the celebration with a welcoming speech and introducing the dignitaries at the President’s table.




As a first master class, Professor Jesús R. Toledano, on behalf of the professors of Forensic Handwriting Analysis and also of the Scientific Division of the Policia Nacional, gave a speech on aspects relating to Criminology, both from the biological perspective, where the study of the temperaments is very important, and from the psychoanalytical and sociological viewpoint. Prof. Santiago Estaún, senior lecturer in Psychology at UAB where he has held positions of great responsibility such as the vice-chancellorship, followed with a speech about the issue of “copying” and “plagiarism”, distinguishing psychological limits from merely legal limits. He also revealed some entertaining samples of fraud experiments in psychophysical perception, something of great interest for new judicial analysts specialising in Patents and Trademarks.







Professor Ferran Salvador, as a tutor specialising in Patents and Trademarks and head of the CME Criminological Central Area, made a small intervention in praise of UAB’s Directors and organisers for being in the twelfth year of their programme, courses that have continued to surpass themselves with their growth and development and by the inclusion of new projects that are being integrated into the science of Graphism, such as taking charge of the teaching team at the Scientific Division of the Catalan Autonomous Police  force – the Mossos d'Esquadra.









The Directors of Studies, Francisco Viñals and Mariluz Puente, wanted to emphasise their personal gratitude, and that of the teaching staff, to the recently graduated students, recalling the praiseworthy virtues they embodied, and making special mention of those who travelled long distances and especially those who had made the great sacrifice to leave their homes to come and study at UAB, amongst them distinguished jurists and psychologists from the EU, especially the group from Greece and those from the other side of the Atlantic, from Chile, Mexico and Bolivia. The awarding of degrees followed.


Afterwards, the celebration continued with a drinks reception in the dining room of Casa de Convalescència where the new graduates and Masters could celebrate their own graduation and raise a toast on behalf of their colleagues who for one reason or another were unable to attend.






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