Articles & Documentation





-Graphology in Spanish Universities


-“Murder of the psychologist Anna Permanyer: Forced to sign to hand over her apartment”


-Khora: Spatial Symbolism in Plato  


-Extract of the basic characteristics of Graphology  


-Personality Portrait of Hergé (the author of Tintin's adventures)
-An  Introduction to Forensic Handwriting Analysis


-Graphology, Psychological Analysis of Handwriting, Graphopsychology, European Graphoanalysis


-Viñals & Puente's Transactional Graphoanalysis

            -From small manoeuvres on facebook and other social networks to its connection to real organized crime plots


                     -Dangerous TA "Transacctional Analysis" Mind Games 


            -Great new work on forensic medicine and sciences presented by Dr. Santiago Delgado at the International Medicine conference in

             Zaragoza (18 to 21 may 2011)


            -Neuroscience of the reading process


            -A virtual training programme to counteract ied threats


            -2011 - First reprint: “Graphology and Science, validation with 150 state doctoral thesis” by professors Mariluz Puente and Francisco Viñals


            -Carl Jung and the Bruchlinien concept


            -Virtual Tiny Town: new virtual training programme for Secret Service agents


            -European Graphoanalysis in the Seville UNED’s Scientific Journal


            -Book review: Antropología de la escritura (anthropology of the weiting)


            -Psychology of typographical handwriting


            -PMK by mira y lopez and the TAG-test “transactional analysis” by Viñals &  Puente


            -Pressure and speed as basic parameters in legal handwriting expertise


            -Current University Education System in Spain and Europe


            -Institute of graphologycal sciences  (activities)gratefulness to the associations  of the armed forces


            -EPSI-UAB masters in criminalistics 2011 declared “a tribute to the International Police Association  and the 

             National Police Corp’s Scientific Department”


            -A tribute to Maria Antonia Viñals Carrera




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